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If we could show you how to maintain a healthy cash flow by using the clients who owe you money, would you be interested?

If the answer is YES…then read on.

Although not common in the real estate industry. There is a way for the astute Principal to take firm control over their cash flow position legally and legitimately - Real Estate Commission Factoring

Cash flow funding or the ability to manage your commission flow  is a highly flexible and increasingly popular way to control the amount of money you have available to pay various business expenses.

By our cash flow funding (commission flow sloution), we can show you how you can be paid 100% of your commission owing within 4 hours. And while there is a fee involved, it really is no greater than say offering a client a small discount for paying the commission upon unconditional exchange. Besides, now that you have the cash, you can use it to invest in generating more listings that will lead to more sales.

We can even fund those long term settlements - anything from 3 days to 330 days. And it wont cost you an arm and a leg!

We believe that simplicity is the key to efficiency – so you’ll find working with us is refreshing simple and straight-forward.

• One-off application process

• Same-day commission

• Transparent fees

• Cash as you go  to work with you in the most efficient and effective way possible.

• Price Guarantee


At Advance Commission, we’re committed to offering real estate agencies the most competitive rates when it comes to advance commission payment. As soon as your agency is pre-approved as a member, you will have instant access to this offer and the peace of mind that you’re enjoying the best rate on the market.

We know it’s hard to find trusted partners who put your interests first. It’s also time-consuming searching for the best deal. We’ve decided to make life even simpler for you and introduce our best price guarantee.

At AdvanceCommission, we’re committed to offering real estate agencies the most competitive rates.

If any competitor offers you an advance commission rate lower than what we offered, show us and we’ll beat it by 20%!

Let us help you access your hard earned commissions  – contact us today on 1300 003 569.


We're your Real Estate Factoring  commission flow company!




Commission Advances for Real Estate Agents with Advance Commission. Get your commission now with our Commission Flow solution.

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