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Are Advance Commission fees tax deductible?

Yes - similar to interest payments, our fees are tax deductible expenses if used in the running of your business. Check with your accountant to be sure.



How are the fees determined?

Its simple. Rates are calculated at an amount per $1000 a day and can start from as little as $1.25 per $1000 subject to all checking out ok of course.



How do I receive the funds?

Cleared funds will can be electronically transfered to a nominated bank account within 4 hours of receiving necessary paperwork.

How much can you advance me?

We can advance you up to 100% of the invoice value. Its your choice but we understand contstant commission flow is essential to running your business.




How quickly do I get paid?

We pay within 4 hours of receipt of the necessary paperwork.




Is the service confidential?

Yes. The service is totally confidential.



Must I sign up for a minimum period?

No. There are no contract periods. You simply use Advance Commissions, commission flow solution  when you need us.



When do I repay Advance Commission?

Your customer repays Advance Commission in accordance with your normal payment terms.





Why would I use Advance Commission?

The lag in time from invoice to payment can and often is crippling for a business. Advance Commission express commission solution  allows you to get your hands on payment you know is coming - NOW!




Wouldn't a bank loan make more sense?

Banks often have restrictive lending requirements relating to cash flow, profitability, equity and years in business, which prohibit them from making loans. Advance Commissions, commission flow solution  is not a loan. The decision to fund your cash flow and improve essential commission flow has nothing to do with your performance, years in business or financial strength.




If I use your service, can I still obtain funding from elsewhere?

Absolutely. Remember, we are not a lending service. We are purchasing your invoice.


If I use your service, will our customers think we are having financial difficulties?

Absolutely not. This method of financing has become so popular that your customers may have already heard of it, or use it themselves. In fact over 3000 companies Australia wide use a similiar service. Commission Flow solutions such as Advance Commission are very popular.

Commission Advances for Real Estate Agents with Advance Commission. Get your commission now with our Commission Flow solution.

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