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Running a business can be fickle. All too often we witness a business performing at its peak for months on end, only to see it crash into obscurity seemingly overnight. If sales were good, how could there have been a problem?


Cash flow (commission flow) – or lack of it – is the killer. It’s caused the ruin of far too many small businesses that, in every other aspect, had great prospects and a clean bill of health. Companies can, and do, simply starve to death while they wait for invoices to be paid.


At Advance Commission we recognised that Real Estate Agents needed effective short-term financing, and did something about it. The solution is called Advance Commission - Commission Flow  and we turn unpaid invoices owing into cash within 4 hours. With none of the red tape that banks traditionally demand.



Advance Commission is a highly innovative industry adaptation of discounting, factoring, or cash flow funding or commission flow. The essence of cash flow funding (commission flow) is simple; it represents the sale of invoices to a third party, at a discount on the face value.


Having unpaid invoices owing converted to cash within 4 hours is a benefit that can’t be overstated; yet Advance Commission rates are very reasonable. They’re calculated at a modest fee per thousand dollars per day and can as low as $1.25 per $1000 a day– no hidden clauses or contracts. The icing on the cake is that the fees are also tax deductible, where the service is used as part of the day-to-day running of the business.


By removing the headaches of juggling cash flow, Advance Commission frees up your time to focus on doing what you do best... making sales and building your business.


Advance Commission is you commission flow solution to an express commission payment. Commission Flow to cash in 4 hours... that's what we do! Let us put the Flow back into your Commission Flow!

Commission Advances for Real Estate Agents with Advance Commission. Get your commission now with our Commission Flow solution.

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